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Fashion bag importers, wholesalers and retailers can now directly and inexpensively transact business with the renowned manufacturer Mayart, via the U.S. based Tat Trading Inc..

Prices below are based on minimum orders of 50 pieces. Further discounts are available on larger orders. For orders, shipping and pricing info, contact our sales department directly here. Tat Trading Inc. and its new Toteo line of women’s fashion bags, is a subsidiary of the noteworthy Chinese fashion handbag and accessory manufacturer Mayart.   Mayart has been making quality bags since 1997.

Tat Trading Inc. is pleased and proud to offer handbag importers, wholesalers and retailers the same product prices as Mayart, but with the added benefit and convenience of more efficient and dedicated customer service. U.S. wholesalers, retailers and importers can now eliminate hard-to-manage time differences and get responses to inquiries within hours. Customers are welcome to pick up the phone and speak with us directly during their regular normal business hours. Tat Trading Inc. can be counted on as your information source for samples, orders and deliveries, and more.

Tat Trading Inc. is today better positioned than other overseas suppliers to handle all aspects of product shipping, including customs clearance and shipping directly to consumers or final customers, where needed. In addition, Tat has a U.S. based marketing and design team that has expert understanding and familiarity, particularly with the US market and what makes it special.

You can count on the team at Tat Trading Inc. to provide you with better pricing, and quicker sample delivery, than any other overseas product importers, wholesalers or retailers in the U.S. today.

Below are trending new 2016 women’s fashion bags, from the popular Tat Trading Inc. Toteo collection of fashion handbags.

  • Selina Bowling Bag for Women
  • Kelly Quilted Satchel Bag for women
  • Work Tote Bag for Women - Kyran
  • Olivia Fashion Hobo Bag for Women
  • Lilith Quilted Shoulder Bag for Women
  • Katarina Shopper Tote Bag for women
  • Colette Crossbody Bag for women
  • Nakita Fashion Clutch Bag for women
  • Lana Fashion Tote Bag for women
  • Larissa Fashion Hobo Bag for women
  • Katy Work Laptop Bag for women
  • Lilith Satchel Purse for women
  • Sabrina Tote Bag for women
  • Victoria Tote Bag for women
  • Sharona Bowling Bag for women
  • Phoebe Duffel Bag for women
  • Penelope Duffel Bag for Women
  • Pixie Shopper Tote Bag
  • Peyton Fashion Shopper Tote Bag

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