Women’s Fashion Satchel Purses

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Below are some new 2016 women’s fashion satchel purses, from the new Tat Trading Inc. Toteo fashion handbag collection.

Pricing based on minimum order of 50 pieces. Further discounts are available on larger orders. Women’s fashion handbag buyers, whether wholesalers, retailer or importers, can find best deals on trending satchel purses, tote purses, work totes, evening bags, and other accessories through this site. For orders, shipping and pricing info, contact Tat Trading Inc. directly.

  • Lilith Satchel Purse for women
  • Kelly Quilted Satchel Bag for women
  • Lucy Satchel Purse for women
  • Quest Wholesale Fashion Satchel Bag
  • Chloe Wholesale Satchel Bag for 2016
  • Corinne Satchel Purse for Women

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